EyeGate was born of the desire to ensure that no one suffers because of an invasion of privacy. Cybercrimes have steadily increased. As technology becomes more advanced so do criminals' tactics. A well placed EyeGate would have prevented the hurtful and costly consequences of web spying in several high-profile cases. Note the $610,000 settlement by the Lower Merion School District in Philadelphia, paid for web spying on students at home via their laptops. Or consider the case for former Miss Teen USA, a victim of attempted blackmail, who had unknowingly been watched through her webcam for a year. And most sadly is the case of a Rutgers University student whose suicide was linked to the exploration of his sexuality via web spying. These are but a few examples of how no one with a computer is safe.

Choose today to protect yourself. Choose wisely. Choose EyeGate. Ensure that you and your loved ones are shielded from unwanted webcam monitoring and cyber theft. Choose today to protect yourself. Choose wisely. Choose EyeGate. Ensure that you and your loved ones are shielded and secured privacy.

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Simple Webcam Privacy

Choose EyeGate today, the perfect barrier between you and cybercriminals.

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Secure. Safe. Usable. Simple.

  • Secure

    Prevent Hackers From Spying

  • Safe

    Protect Your Identity and Information

  • Usable

    Fits Majority of Laptops and Tablets

  • Simple

    No Glue or Adhesives-Use Again & Again!


Hold old do you have to be to use Eyegate?

Minimum age is 3 to prevent choking hazards

How can I be sure no one sees me?

The Camera is covered preventing it.

How much does the Eyegate cost?

$19.99 plus shipping.

Do I really need an Eyegate?

Eyegate provides another layer of obscurity at your leasure. Question- Do you want to control privacy in your own home?

Is Eyegate worth it?

Yes the cost of privacy and assurance your not being invaded without knowing is priceless.

This is a manually applied item?

Yes, ease of use and no need to ever upgrage. Created to be simple enough for a child to use. No sticky residue left on your computer that could potentially damage your camera. No more one handed maneuvering while trying to hide what you are doing. ie shopping, getting dressed.