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Choose EyeGate today, the perfect barrier between you and cybercriminals.

EyeGate was born of a desire to ensure that no one suffers because of an invasion of privacy. Cybercrimes have steadily increased. As technology becomes more advanced so do criminals’ tactics. A well placed EyeGate would have prevented the hurtful and costly consequences of web spying in several high-profile legal cases. Note the $610,000 settlement by the Lower Merion School District in Philadelphia, paid for web spying on students at home via their laptops. Or consider the case of a former Miss Teen USA, a victim of attempted blackmail, who had unknowingly been watched through her webcam for a year. And most sadly is the case of a Rutgers University student whose suicide was linked to the exploitation of his sexuality via web spying. These are but a few examples of how no one with a computer is safe. Choose today to protect yourself. Choose wisely. Choose EyeGate. Ensure that you and your loved ones are shielded from unwanted webcam monitoring and cyber theft.